What Does It Mean To “Be Love” (Q & A)

I received an amazing email the other day and included in the content of this email the follow question was asked: “You say “be love.” I wanted to know what that means to you? To be love?” I actually get asked this a lot, maybe because I have it tattooed on my wrist, but either way I think I should answer it for all to see…

To me, to be love means that who I am, what I’m radiating into this world is love. There are many things we can be in any given situation; annoyed, jealous, angry, happy, joyful and so on. I want to choose to be love. Having it on my wrist is a constant reminder that that is what I strive for in this life. If a situation arises that might have me feeling negative I can ask myself “what would love do?” or “if I was acting out of love, how would I handle this situation?” Sometimes it’s easy to switch out of a negative way of thinking and sometimes it takes a little time but either way I’m constantly practicing a better state of being.

Also “being love” also means to me “a state of non-judgement”. I recognize that all people are different, have different ideas, different beliefs and different views of life – and I do my best to not judge. As humans it’s hard to not pass judgement onto another without some practice, but if I want to practice what I have tattooed in black ink on my wrist than I look past differences and except people for their differences. Doesn’t mean I like everyone, I just don’t make them wrong for who they are – because you never know what that person has been through and however it is that they are being may be the only way they know how.

When I choose to be love it shifts my experience of the circumstances of life. “Being is what we are thinking, speaking, believing, acting and our attitude about our life.” A rule of thumb is to remember that life arises out of who one is being. So choose love or whatever feels right to you and let it radiate out of every pore of your body. xo

“One’s own thought is one’s world. What a person thinks is what he becomes – That is the eternal mystery.” – The Upanishads