What Does it Mean to BE MINDFUL?

Definition in the Dictionary:

mindful |ˈmīndfəl|adjective [ predic. ]: conscious or aware of something.

What does it mean to be “mindful”? I find myself saying this a lot until a friend of mine was offended that I said it to them in an email. So I had to think about it for a second and really understand why I say it. What am I trying to get across when I say to “be mindful” to someone? So I’ve been thinking about it the last few days and this is what “being mindful” means to me… it’s being aware or having awareness of what is going on around you. Basically being present. Paying attention to your thoughts, words, attitude, and movement in everyday life. When I say it to my clients, I’m wanting them to be mindful of how their body is moving. If they are caught up in telling me about how they hate their boss they will not be feeling how the exercise is effecting their body. By being mindful they bring more awareness to the body and how it is moving, focusing on balance, feeling the muscles contract and relax, thus creating a more fluid movement.

When it comes to me saying it to anybody else I’m wanting the same thing for them. Awareness. For example, if I have a friend that is complaining about work, a lover, or money and is coming to me for advise I could simply say to them to be mindful of what they are thinking and how they are experiencing the situation. We are the ones in control of how we experience things, no one else. By being mindful one might realize how silly they are viewing something. Then once they see that it is “nothing”, they can let it go or do something about it. Just being present is all that it means. At least it’s way better than me saying “pay attention!”…

So in that explanation I suggest to you to be mindful. Be aware of the world around you, the people you interact with and how you speak of yourself and others. In the end you may find that somethings aren’t “that bad” or maybe you notice something you’ve never noticed before or actually listen to somebody. I can see that I was not really being mindful when I was saying it to people – so I’m glad it was brought to my attention, now I can say it with confidence that  it is meant to empower you. Feel free to use it yourself and on others. Good stuff!!!