What I Love About Exercise

A client recently asked me what I love about exercises. Thought I’d share my answer with all of you.

Q: What part of your workout do you enjoy the most? The anticipation leading up to your workout, the sweat and burning sensation of your muscles while working out, or the gratification of the post workout? Or is there something entirely different that makes you enjoy working out so much, that you go back the next day?

A: OK… so when I read this question my very first though that came to mind on what part of my workouts do I enjoy most was the fact that I get to listen to music. I love any opportunity to rock out and a workout is always a great excuse to do just that. But although having bass bagging in my ear drums is a big part there is more to what I love about my workouts. I love being physical, the human body fascinates me and am always wanting to express what our bodies were meant to do… move, twist, bend, jump, stretch, lift, push, pull, balance, etc. I love to feel my muscles contract and relax. I like the feeling of pushing myself, lifting a heavy weight and doing it for a series of repetitions is very gratifying. Knowing that I’m strong enough to carry my own luggage or move a heavy box gives me a since of independence. Like for example when I purchase a huge bag of dog food and can walk out with the bag thrown over one shoulder and have no problem handling it – it feels good. And even more so is that I look like I’m not as strong as I am, meaning that I don’t run around San Diego looking like a body builder. I’m relatively small… but can move a lot of weight. I take pride in knowing that I inspire other women to be strong once they see that you can be strong and not look like a dude. I also enjoy that post workout feeling even though sometimes my own workouts kick my ass.

When it comes down to it, I guess I love everything about my workouts. The anticipation before I start the workout, the planning of what I’m going to do, the picking of the perfect playlist, my foam rolling and stretch session before I begin, dynamic warm-up, sweating, catching my breath, endorphin rush, cool down, and the meal that follows… it’s all good. You know what it is? It’s the feeling of being human – experiencing movement, letting my body express itself to the fullest. Yep… that’s it, that’s what I enjoy most.

On a side note though, for those of you that may be reading this and think that I workout everyday and all day – I don’t. There are some days where the last thing I want to do is lift a weight. I have my lazy days for sure. It’s good to take days off for recovery. Sometimes the body just doesn’t want to be that active. Just as long as you don’t go to many days without working out. Sometimes all I want to do is go for a walk or do yoga and sometimes I want to do it all… I listen to my body. I love being active so I’m never too worried if I take a day or two off.

Get out there and enjoy being human. It’s our birthright. xo

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