What I’m Loving From Around the Web

Happy Wednesday Friends! Hope you all are enjoying your week. Just wanted to share some things I’ve come across this week so far. Lots of awesome people doing awesome things out there!!!


This t-shirt pretty much sums up my life, all it’s missing is “workout”.

I wouldn’t mind practicing this Yoga pose on a daily basis… Or this one…

What I'm Loving // The Wellness Doer

Great advice on feeling accomplished.

I nice collection of 50 blogging tips for all my fellow bloggers out there.

Make your own bird feeders for your garden or balcony.

Happy Birthday to the mystery man, awesome list of 30 things he’s learned in 30 years.

Pear and hazelnut combo!? Someone please make these for me!

If you have not experienced homemade crepes yet… do it. Do it now.

Did you check out my Yosemite National Park pictures?


Loving this DIY idea using my travel photos.

Can’t wait for this book to be published! I’m gonna get one for my Dad. 🙂

Travel inspiration. Period.

Cute daily planner that would definitely keep me on track.

90 Days of Shift now has an official website (still under construction)… Big things are happening!

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