Where To Travel Next?

So it’s getting to be that time again where I start thinking about my next travel adventure. There are so many amazing places on this planet it’s hard to decide where to go. Jonathan and I are wanting to do a yoga teacher training so we’re thinking about planning our travel around that. I don’t have anything solid yet but I do have some ideas… let me know what you guys think.

South America: I’d like to travel all over South America if I could. Maybe find a yoga school somewhere, then travel a bit, then maybe work in a cafe or hostel, then travel a little more and so on…

Machu Picchu, Peru

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Or how about India? Jonathan has already been and is not sure if he is ready to go back, but I know I will end up there eventually.

Munnar, India


Switzerland is a must, just not sure if this is the year for it.

Somewhere cool in Switzerland

I have a feeling that we may end up in Thailand though. We have both already been and there is a really great Yoga school there… yeah so… it’s in our future.

North Thailand

Somewhere in Thailand

So where to? Not sure yet but as I put my attention to it more and more ideas will come to mind. It’s exciting to be in this phase of planning because we pretty much can go where ever we want… that’s pretty amazing. Where would you want to go?